Finding our “Moxie” – why every girl needs to make her voice heard

After a week that seemed too long and never ending post the new restrictions imposed after the surge in covid cases, I was looking forward to Friday. Thursday night in particular as it would be my last night of Netflix binge watching for quite some time now. My 6 year old had her last of… Continue reading Finding our “Moxie” – why every girl needs to make her voice heard

Free #FictionMondays

How I wish I was a bird, free to fly away from the pandemonium that surrounds me, soar over mountains and valleys, never stay at one place but keep exploring. “You are a girl, don’t ever entertain such thoughts”, they said. Study well and help your mother in household chores. “Girls shouldn’t dare to dream… Continue reading Free #FictionMondays

Equality in true sense- are we really there?

I had the opportunity of attending a fireside chat with one of our senior women Managing Directors on Friday. Now I have always spoken about the lack of women role models in the corporate world and I am a firm believer that every woman needs her kin. While there are fantastic male role models and… Continue reading Equality in true sense- are we really there?

Aspiring to reach the C-suite- here is why you should not give up comrade

The Economic Survey 2018 had some startling data on gender gap in labour force participation. The gap is more than 50 percent points which is much higher than under developed countries like Rwanda. Despite educational gains, the labor force participation rate for women in 2017 was 28.5%  (compared to 82% for men). By 2027 the working-age population in India… Continue reading Aspiring to reach the C-suite- here is why you should not give up comrade

F is for Feminist #SundayPhotoFiction

Ria was quiet as she returned home from school today. She had learnt something new in school but when she looked around her, she found something amiss. Teacher had said F is for Feminism which means everyone is equal. Mamma goes out to work and Daddy takes care of the home. Their roles can be… Continue reading F is for Feminist #SundayPhotoFiction

My secret wish #FridayFictioneers

Its snowing today- they call it “Beast from the East”. As much as I hate the cold wind hitting my face and my toes that get numb, the inner me is thrilled beyond words. Heavy snowfall means no boxing class today. I pretend to like it as I fear the wrath of my Dad and… Continue reading My secret wish #FridayFictioneers

Role Reversal #FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction

I couldn’t focus on work.This was a big decision we had taken.The stakes were high. In a society where a mother is considered a primary caregiver- we had chosen to defy these rigid norms.After my 4 months paid maternity break,I was back at work. As a Director and a stellar career which I loved, I… Continue reading Role Reversal #FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction

Here’s why we need to read Chimamanda

Its difficult to pick a favorite but a quote which completely took me into its grip and brings to light something so significant which impacts me as a woman, a daughter, a mother, a writer, a working woman who relentlessly works towards reaching the top rungs of the ladder is- “We teach girls to shrink… Continue reading Here’s why we need to read Chimamanda

House Husband – Micro Tales 

“House husband” ” “Loser “Sissy” they guffawed when he quit his high profile IT job to raise the twins while his wife was in the echelons of her career. Today as he stood nervously on the podium launching his cookery show, people clapped, whistled and “House husband ” was trending on twitter and on everyone’s… Continue reading House Husband – Micro Tales 

Gender Neutral- Flash Fiction

As much as people talk about a gender agnostic world, little changes. Women earn the bread but continue to bake it single handed- Payal sighed. Vidhi looked at her, a crease of worry appearing on her brow. As she heard a giggle nearby, she turned and saw her kids Rohan and Rhea playing “house house” as Rohan… Continue reading Gender Neutral- Flash Fiction