As night falls #FridayFictioneers #MyFriendAlexa

Mini was cramming through her books, the last minute revision before the exam.

Lolla came by with her dinner “Mini hurry up, you have to get ready”

“5 minutes sis, almost done with my revision. I need to score an A+, this is not one of my favourite subjects and I need to work harder.”

Mini was ready after 5 minutes. She got into the Little Black Dress. Lolla helped her with her make up- a bright red lipstick, false eyelashes and hair left loose.

Lolla looked at her up and down “Time to go honey”.

Mini smiled, a tinge of sadness but a shimmer of hope in her eyes. She left to meet her first customer for the night.

As she lay in bed with him, she thought about her maths paper, topping the class, becoming a Doctor and living a different life one day.

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76 thoughts on “As night falls #FridayFictioneers #MyFriendAlexa

  1. Dear Akshata,

    Such a sad story and unfortunately true to life. A little long for Friday Fictioneers. I’m betting you could cut it down to 100 and not lose the story. 😉




  2. There was a Kamalhassan movie which came out in 1987 called ‘Nayagan’ and it has a similar scene. It was remade in Hindi as Dayavan. How many young girls have had their dreams squashed under the fat perversion of lechers! My hat’s off to the girls who are studying and trying to turn their life around from inside the hellhole. Well written, Akshata.

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  3. Really touching story. Mini is studying for a good grade before she has to satisfy a client. Still she is eager to clear her test as that may lead her to a better life. Nice story. You gave a twist at the end. Brilliant!

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  4. A beautiful story. Even birds in cages have the freedom to dream. Education is the only way out for these victims of prostitution.


  5. The story is sad. It shows the ugliest side of humans. It highlights the filth in our society.
    But with all this darkness in the story, I saw that flickering light of hope and determination. That flickering light which will eventually burst out as a flame, scattering away all the darkness. That light which Mini holds in her heart. And that was which made me like the tale so much.
    Yes, life is tough. For this young girl, it was horrific… but she still wanted to live. she was striving to make a difference in her life. Isn’t this something to learn from???

    Beautifully crafted.

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