Role Reversal #FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction

I couldn’t focus on work.This was a big decision we had taken.The stakes were high.

In a society where a mother is considered a primary caregiver- we had chosen to defy these rigid norms.After my 4 months paid maternity break,I was back at work. As a Director and a stellar career which I loved, I had chosen to come back.My husband had chosen to take a sabbatical and raise the child.

As I reached home,the table was set for tea- a slice of bread with a heart shape cut out in the middle- I knew that instant we had chosen right.

(100 words)

Linking up with Rochelle Wisoff for Friday Fictioneers, a photo prompt flash fiction. Thanks Β© Kelvin M. Knight for the photo.


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60 thoughts on “Role Reversal #FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction

  1. That’s a lovely story Akshata. In today’s times, this is more important now than ever. I guess its been a long time since we have ‘reserved’ particular tasks for women and other tasks for men. It’s important we come forward and be the change we want to see.

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  2. Thank goodness it’s becoming easier for men to be the primary caregiver. I like the message of your post.
    One tiny thing – and I hope you don’t mind my mentioning it – you say “The husband…” Do you think it would show the intimacy more clearly if you said “My husband…”?
    All the best

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  3. Hi Akshata! I loved the theme of this story. This is what gender equality means to me, largely…it begins at home…I would love it to be the norm for the coming generation ,,if not ours as yet. Keep writing! Cheers!

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  4. This title caught my eye in the inlinkz chart…as i opened i was thinking whose role would have reversed.
    After reading your post, i felt a sense of pride and smiled. Very relevant
    Great use of the heartful bread πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

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  5. Seeing men share the load, helps me restore back by faith, In times when responsibilities such as household chores and raising children are seen as the responsibilities of a women. Loved ur take on the prompt Aks its so refreshing!

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