F is for Feminist #SundayPhotoFiction

Ria was quiet as she returned home from school today. She had learnt something new in school but when she looked around her, she found something amiss.

Teacher had said F is for Feminism which means everyone is equal. Mamma goes out to work and Daddy takes care of the home. Their roles can be exchanged. Mamma is the strong one at times and Daddy is one who needs comforting.

She looked at Peggy the scarecrow. When she was little Nana had told her “Peggy guards our flower and vegetable patch, he is our guardian. He watches over us when we sleep”

She wasn’t too happy to see Peggy today. On a whim she ran inside and got Grampy’s night gown and a worn out handbag.

After a few minutes she was smiling. Peggy looked perfect now. A Peggy in a skirt guarding their house was her first step in ushering in the winds of equality into their home.


Linking up with Sunday Photo Fiction , thanks Anurag for the prompt.


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