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How I wish I was a bird, free to fly away from the pandemonium that surrounds me, soar over mountains and valleys, never stay at one place but keep exploring.

“You are a girl, don’t ever entertain such thoughts”, they said. Study well and help your mother in household chores. “Girls shouldn’t dare to dream beyond the realm of their homes and families”. Try as much I couldn’t stop dreaming.

“Its time to get settled- marry a boy chosen by your parents, be a good wife, daughter in law, mother” they said. “Your life’s purpose”. And I obliged. Living for others, being the ideal woman who enabled them to achieve their dreams.

“What about your dreams?” A tiny voice whispered each night as a tear trickled down my cheek. I brushed it away just like I had swept my dreams away.

I saw her that night, the little girl, a sense of contentment, a smile so enchanting that came straight from her heart, a free bird. She beckoned me to join her and I could see myself floating towards her. I was translucent, as I looked at my new form in confusion , I looked down and could see my lifeless body lying on the ground and my family weeping. A life wasted.

I woke up with a jolt- the image of the little girl was still afresh. I smiled as I prepared to take flight.

Linking with Fiction Mondays hosted by Vinitha.

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6 thoughts on “Free #FictionMondays

  1. Wow, Akshata! I loved your take on the prompt. It’s relatable and inspiring, sad and touching. all at the same time. Yes, we should never let that little girl in our hearts down. Now is the time. Thank you so much for sharing this poignant story, Akshata. Hope to see you this week also. 🙂

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