Here is why #BlogchatterA2Z will be a kickass campaign for my blog

My blogging journey began 3 years ago on a popular parenting website. My posts around parenting did well there and I soon moved on to writing on diverse topics and posting on other women centric and social issue focused platforms. I had little knowledge of digital marketing and blogging- coming from a totally different world… Continue reading Here is why #BlogchatterA2Z will be a kickass campaign for my blog

The thing I love about me the most #ThankfulThursdays

I believe in self love, in fact I have come to strongly realise how important it is to be in love with oneself, tell oneself that you are fabulous, awesome, beautiful and the best. Sounds narcissist? On the contrary, a strong sense of belief in self works as the best antidote in a increasingly self… Continue reading The thing I love about me the most #ThankfulThursdays

The circle of Gratitude- September

I first read about this amazing blog hop Gratitude hosted by the effervescent Vidya Sury and was keen to participate. With the limited time I have for blogging amidst my tight office schedule and a toddler at home, I couldn’t join. But I always felt writing this post is going to be such a wonderful… Continue reading The circle of Gratitude- September

This amazing thing called virtual friends #FridayReflections

I was just a reader back then and a post appeared on Facebook which spoke about virtual friends- the post asked people if they believed in this concept, did they have any virtual friends, since how long, did the friendships stand the test of time? My initial reaction was to shake my head and let… Continue reading This amazing thing called virtual friends #FridayReflections

The resource that lies within #WTFOW #WriteBravely

When I first read the prompt for Day 2, I was perplexed. My initial interpretation was of a quality I possess which helps me and enriches my life. But when I asked about this topic to my brother and a good blogger friend they came out with a totally different interpretation. They told me about… Continue reading The resource that lies within #WTFOW #WriteBravely

My biggest treasure that I cherish-#WTFOW

Its been a long and tiring day at work. The first week of the month for anyone working in finance is always a nightmare. Funnily we call it month end though its the start of a new month. That’s because we finalise the pnl and balance sheet of the firm for the prior month. Now… Continue reading My biggest treasure that I cherish-#WTFOW

The magic wand

I was 12 years old when I first watched the popular shows “I dream of Jeanie” and “Bewitched” where the protagonist had magical powers. They just had to wish for something, tap their fingers and lo behold! They would get what they wished for. I was fascinated and wondered what if I were to get… Continue reading The magic wand