Finding joy in living alone #WriteBravely #WriteProBlogger

My second week in Switzerland has been good so far. Daily calls with my daughter on Skype (where the toddler is more keen on seeing the toy Swiss cow I got her!) and my mom and hubby make me feel like I am present in India. It was Diwali last week and I have been… Continue reading Finding joy in living alone #WriteBravely #WriteProBlogger

Proud of being Brown #WOW #ShortStory

Naira looked at her image in the mirror and cursed her luck again. I must have done something to displease the Gods, thats the reason I have been cursed with this dark skin which  everyone detests. Known as the black sheep of the family, not due her deeds but due to the colour of her… Continue reading Proud of being Brown #WOW #ShortStory

The magic wand

I was 12 years old when I first watched the popular shows “I dream of Jeanie” and “Bewitched” where the protagonist had magical powers. They just had to wish for something, tap their fingers and lo behold! They would get what they wished for. I was fascinated and wondered what if I were to get… Continue reading The magic wand