Daddy’s Girl #FlashFiction

I looked at little Nysa’s innocent face as she slept in Arjun’s arms, blissfully unaware of everything. Arjun held her protectively in his strong arms, as if shielding her from all things evil. What a tranquil sight this was, of a daughter with a Dad who had not birthed her.

My mind raced back to those days when life was a living nightmare. My marriage to John, the betrayal, abuse and my walking out only to discover that I was pregnant.

Everyone persuaded me to abort the foetus “You are so young, you can have a second chance at happiness. But who will accept you with a child?” But I wouldn’t give up my baby, it wasn’t just a foetus for me. I could feel my baby’s heartbeat.

Arjun proposed to me when Nysa was 4 months old. A childhood friend who had been with me every moment and seen me at my worst. I hesitated, only for the sake of Nysa. Would he love her like his own? Is she safe? Am I making a mistake? Aren’t Nysa and I enough for each other? Why do I need a man?

Too many questions creating turmoil but I decided to trust my instincts and today I know I did the right thing.

Its not just giving birth that matters, its about how far can you go for someone you love. Its this unconditional love which surpasses all. And I see that in Arjun’s eyes.

I know I can go away in peace now, Nysa has all that she needs.

Forgive me Arjun. I loved you as a friend and always will, but my duty as a mother comes first.

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words June 2018



46 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl #FlashFiction

  1. I didn’t quite get the end..Did she leave both of them? or she only left Arjun? This is a beautiful story and the plot reminded me of Jhumpa Lahiri’s Lowland. Have you read the book?

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  2. Loved reading it Akshata! Reminded me of your A-Z posts of Nysa and Arjun. The end was a little difficult for me to understand. I got two interpretations – she is leaving Arjun and moving away with Nysa and the second one that she is dying.

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      1. I didn’t want to think about a sad ending, as a mom cant imagine separating from my kids so here is what I thought…”As Nysa dozed off in the warm hug of Arjun, I knew she was in the safest world, I left for my 10 days conference in Bangalore with a peaceful mind”. (I was once in the same situation when I had left my 4 months old twin daughters to my parents and went to attend my conference)

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  3. wow! Quite an intriguing ending. What’s going on? Is she committing suicide? or is she going of with a guy she has fallen for because a friend is not enough? But it seems a little out of character given how she fought for her daughter before.

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