A Dream Life #FridayFictioneers

They all sat around Pedro, wide eyed as he narrated stories of the awesome life in Venice. Far far away from poverty, a dreamy world lay, where people took rides in gondolas or enjoyed their coffee at the Piazza.

They longed to live this life like Pedro, the rascal had got lucky. They pictured him drinking wine, enjoying life in Venice.

The picture Pedro had painted was miles away from his real life in Venice. As a labourer who toiled the whole day carrying a heavy load on his back and barely managed to eat, there was a life in Venice people never saw but was the reality for many.

Linking up with the amazing Rochelle Wisoff who hosts a weekly challenge for Flash Fiction Writers.

26 thoughts on “A Dream Life #FridayFictioneers

    1. He is working in Venice as a labourer and he has come home now to his native and is narrating all about the good life in Venice , hiding the reality of the hard life he lives.


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