The incredible life of a working mom!

A blogger friend sent me this quote and it resonated so well that I had to preserve it among my favorite ones

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As a working mom, I could relate to this so well, its stingingly true.

With women out to take the workforce by storm and eager to shatter the glass ceiling and demand equality be it in terms  of pay or promotions- this also means giving the best performance, not shying away from taking up a challenging role/ project and get yourself out there in the spotlight. On my part I have always been a person who strives to do the best and be the front runner , be it in academics or work. As a Chartered Accountant working with a Investment bank  my work is not a typical 9 to 5 on. In fact as I work with global counterparts I start my day by around 1 and it goes on till 10 or beyond. While the organisation is supportive of working moms and I have flexibility and work from home options, I have found it to be most productive when I work in the office amongst people whose work I supervise, interaction is better and work gets done faster. I am an advocate of diversity in the workplace, in fact I also lead the Diversity and Inclusion Stream in my organisation. A lot of people believe that women are out to take unfair advantage, in the garb of equality they can get promotions and pay rise but when it comes to work they play the working mom card and get away. This is so untrue and makes me cringe. There might be a handful who do that but why judge the entire basket for a few rotten eggs.

I have always given my best at workplace.That I am a woman and it limits my abilities as I have a child, this thought never crossed my mind. I know this may not be as easy for all women but to get to the top its essential to focus and nurture your career, by treating it only as a means of livelihood or something to pass time rather than sit at home, one cannot expect to get anywhere. Its a greater disservice to the scores of women who give their best shot day after day.

People often think its easy for a working mom, she had maids, nannies, day care and parents, in laws to take care of her children. She goes to an air conditioned office, sips coffee, sits in her plush cushioned seat, browses the net and does some bit of work, almost 9-10 hours of bliss. Imagine how tough it is for a SAHM who gets not even a tea break. While I have all the respect for a SAHM, this clouded vision is not true. While working moms have access to help which is very much essential as they are out of home and away from their kids for a major part of the day, does this absolve them of their responsibilities towards their offspring? The answer is NO.

When I step out of my house at 1 in the noon my daughter cheerfully waves me goodbye , she has been seeing me go to work since she was 4 months old and she is happy spending the day with my mum and the kids in daycare which my mom runs at our place. But every other night she asks her Mai (my mom) where is mumma is she coming now? And when I step in after a tired and stressful day, she squeals joyfully and I envelope her in a bear hug. This is the best stress buster for any one, nothing beats hugging and kissing a little bundle of joy.

I am grateful that I have my mom as my rock to support and stand by me, I know of many women who lack family support and need to do everything by themselves.  Like my good friend Ankita who chose to work from home and be around for her 2 year old son while she continues to pursue her dreams of a career. I salute such women for their grit and determination.

As a mother, working from home, at office or non working- when it comes to raising our kids there is never an excuse of “oh but I have a job”. We all aim to do our best in our own way. As a working professional its the same story where despite our commitments, responsibilities we aim to give our best shot at work and not give the excuse of “Oh but I am a working mum, I should have it lighter”.

There couldn’t be a better quote to aptly summarize the incredible life of a working mom. Whats your view? Do leave a comment about what makes your life incredible?

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20 thoughts on “The incredible life of a working mom!

  1. Being a working Mom is no less easy than being a SAHM. Gladly, I always get a empathetic response from others. You are right Akshata- Its their hugs at the end of the day that keeps us going. Its great that your daughter gets to live with her grandmother. Thanks for joining #quotedstories. and yes, I wrongly addressed you as Vinodini Iyer. Sorry for that. Congrats again for being published on womens web.

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    1. Hey thanks Upasna! SAHm or working both are equal and special in their own way! And the hugs part is so true isn’t it? The best stress buster. I was puzzled with your comment on the other post but thought as much you mistook me for someone. No issues.


  2. That’s a brilliant quote. Women have to juggle so many roles and they try to be the best version of themselves. I don’t think any comparison should be drawn between working mom and SAHM… they are both hardworking and doing every thing possible for the betterment of their kids. Well written.

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  3. I remember my first journalism job where I was in the 1 to 10 pm shift that went beyond midnight. I can imagine the plight of career women who give their best to work. Glad you pen your thoughts on how tough it is for someone with a child and still manage to make the most. Power to you and all the women who give their best at work. Sadly our belief is still wrongly embedded in patriarchy.

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  4. that’s a brilliant quote. Working or not working, a mom doesn’t compromise when it comes to loving her children. I was working until last year and now I am on a break, so, I understand how difficult it is to be a working mom even with supporting the family, day care, nanny, cook and all.

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  5. That quote is sooo true.People have a lot of misconceptions but it is certainly not easy for a working woman. She has twice the work and stress. And I also believe that you need to give your best in whatever you do. Yes, life’s not easy for SAHM too. Both have their own sets of challenges.

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  6. Annabell Crabb’s quote is so spot on. I’ve seen it before and it always makes me angry and sad when I read it.

    I couldn’t handle being back at work when my oldest was born, but we couldn’t afford for me to stay home. It wasn’t so much the job (it was super laid back and I know that was a huge blessing) or missing him…it was all the demands I had outside work because I was still the one making doctor appointments, cooking, cleaning, packing up for the next day. I cut my hours, which helped a *smidge* but I was overwhelmed (I also had PPD). I only had a few hours to spend time with him AND get a list of other things done.

    Now I’m a SAHM and it’s hard in much different ways – I miss talking with adults and, yeah, I have to reheat my coffee at least twice before I can finish it 😉 My house is still a mess – staying home didn’t change that, lol. I realized that going back to work was a break from parenting, and it made me realize those parents who would rather be at work than stay home aren’t so crazy. I’ve had to learn to be okay with demanding time to myself out side of the house to recharge because the constant demands of kids can wear you down.

    It’s hard no matter what you choose — or are forced — to do.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your amazing story Emma , you have been on both the sides and that provides a good perspective of the incredible challenging life of a mom. Being on either side is equally hard. While a working mom has to juggle many hats and is often bitten by the guilt of not spending enough time with her kids, for a SAHM it’s often about finding sanity in her chaotic life and having some time for herself. Being a mom is never easy!

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  7. The quote is so apt!I am happy you have your mom’s support-that takes away a big part of working woman’s anxiety.This is my first time on your blog and am loving it.

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  8. There’s always been a sincere respect for working moms though I don’t know why or maybe I can’t word it. This fact also ashames me whenever I type in ‘Single and Happy’. True happiness is being loved by innocent little ones. Happy for you Aks! You have a wonderful life…!

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