The perfect alibi #MicroMondays

Sarah had covered her track well,not a trace of what had transpired. All evidence wiped clean. They would be here any moment, she had to keep a poker face. Suddenly, she saw it trickling from under the fridge and froze- She secretly hoped they wouldn’t find them. An entire tub of Swiss Chocolate- who could… Continue reading The perfect alibi #MicroMondays

Quashed Dreams #MicroMondays

He had just got his first job in NY,city of his dreams. The country he migrated to as a 6 year old,had grown on him,it felt like home. President Trump announced that Dreamers Program would be scrapped. The room folded flat around him. (42 words) Author’s note- DACA is a policy created by former President… Continue reading Quashed Dreams #MicroMondays

God is watching #MicroMondays

God knows everything,he is watching us.Said the Priest. Little Tony withdrew his hand from the pocket,the sweet remained untouched. Good and bad do exist.Be kind,do good, do not sin- chanted the Priest. His brother Jonny looked at Jesus fearfully,I stole the apple maybe thats why Jesus asked the Priest to bite me there- he thought… Continue reading God is watching #MicroMondays