God is watching #MicroMondays

God knows everything,he is watching us.Said the Priest.

Little Tony withdrew his hand from the pocket,the sweet remained untouched.

Good and bad do exist.Be kind,do good, do not sin- chanted the Priest.

His brother Jonny looked at Jesus fearfully,I stole the apple maybe thats why Jesus asked the Priest to bite me there- he thought as he rubbed his sore genitals.

(61 words)

Linking up with Varad and Namy for #MicroMondays


21 thoughts on “God is watching #MicroMondays

  1. When ever i read such news or get to know about such incidents my heart skips a beat and i feel so bad for those children who had to go through such horror as i know how it feels. I often feel very helpless and wish that if only i had power to remove such horrific people from the face of earth!

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      1. Oh, it’s an excellent movie. Do try to watch if you have time to spare! Yes, it’s devastating.. all these incidents where the ones who are bound to protect end up being the perpetrators.


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