No strings attached #WriteBravely #ShortStory

I was back to my native, the sleepy town Rhumpsa which seemed so cut off from civilisation. This is the place I was born in, where I grew up, went to school, splashed in the muddy waters and climbed the mango trees. This is where I had my first kiss and where I lost my… Continue reading No strings attached #WriteBravely #ShortStory

The date which spelt mayhem #MicroMondays

They hooked up on Tinder,They were absolutely clear about what we wanted. SEX. And they had some crazy SEX that night. All stayed well for less than twenty-four hours. They bade goodbye and she rushed to the airport to pick up Sheena,her childhood buddy. I am getting married to the love of my life,confessed Sheena,showing… Continue reading The date which spelt mayhem #MicroMondays