One hell of a coincidence #MicroMondays

“Ma, I dont want to get married,I am rejecting Deepak Ramaswamy, tell him the girl rejected him”.

I walked off, I wasn’t ready for marriage.

The interview letter in my hand signified a new beginning.

I would earn my own bread, meet someone interesting and marry when I was ready.

I knocked the door,butterflies in my stomach.

“Come in”he said.

It could hardly have been a bloodier beginning.

Here was Deepak Ramaswamy my new boss

(75 words)

Linking up wit Varad and Namy for #MicroMondays

12 thoughts on “One hell of a coincidence #MicroMondays

      1. You wanted to close it in the next few sentences and the attention to detail of keeping the name so elaborative made me feel this name will pop up again. A writer will understand a writer ๐Ÿ˜Š

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