(Un) Empty Nest #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZChallenge

Nysa is 28 and its her wedding day today. The house is in utter mayhem as we run around making sure everything thats needed is there and we haven’t missed anything.

I decided to do away with the silk saree and wore a comfortable salwar today, much to the dismay of some of the relatives.

I am searching frantically for Nysa and almost running out of breath when I find her sitting in her bedroom, a tear trickling down her cheek. My girl, she looks so pretty adorned as a bride. I look at her pictures on the wall- as a gurgling baby, her first day at school, the first trophy she won, her swimming medal, that picture at DisneyLand with her papa and me and her graduation day. The images and memories pass before my eyes, it felt like yesterday.

“Mumma I am going to miss this, I cant imagine why a woman has to just let go of the place, the people she spent her entire life with and make a new set of people her own. It seems very hard Ma. I cant imagine this room, where I grew up will no longer have me sleep in the bed, sit in the armchair by the window. I will be a stranger when I come here next. I am really happy to be marrying Arjun but I cant seem to digest the fact that for a new life to begin, a woman has to put her past life behind. It makes so sense to me.You and papa as much more precious to me than Arjun whom I met 4 years ago. I will wake up tomorrow to a new day, a day without you and Papa by my side, its something I cant fathom” We held each other and cried. The ways of the world are strange. For a moment I could picture myself in her place and the day of my wedding came to mind.

The wedding is over and Nysa-Arjun have left for their honeymoon. The guests have all left and the house is silent. It hasn’t been this quiet for a long long time. Today I can feel how Mommy Daddy felt when I got married. Mom used to always say “Myra you will realise one day when you become a Mom”. This is perhaps the hardest part for a parent especially when you have shared such a close bond with your child.

I have 2 options- sit and moan over the empty nest or accept it and move forward.

I pick up my phone browse Zomato for the new restaurants in town- time for a candlelight dinner with hubby. When did we do it last?

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“A slice of life through Myra’s eyes” – a fictional tale of growing up and learning some vital lessons about self love, feminism, sisterhood, a working woman and the essence of being a woman in urban India.   

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54 thoughts on “(Un) Empty Nest #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZChallenge

  1. Nysa is all grown up and married too. Wow, that’s some time leap, Akshata! I agree with Nysa why women have to up and leave their parental house. Well, in my case, my hubby left his too, and we both stay away from our parents in another city. Loved the end btw, where Myra is planning for a candlelight dinner. Will take inspiration from this story of yours and plan one when my daughter gets married. 🙂

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  2. For me this happened, not when I got married, but when I went to grad school. Whenever i get really mad at my kids i can’t help but think that one day I will miss them so much for whatever reason. But moving on is a part of life. So glad that Myra is moving on too.

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    1. Oh Ya I can imagine grad school in a different country must have been tough. And as you said when we get mad at our girls, thinking about the day they fly the nest will help on restoring sanity and cherish these moments

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  3. It is difficult.. it’s like you lose a part of yourself when you move out of your home after marriage. You have described the emotions so well Akshata. But yes, you have also beautifully expressed how Myra is positively looking forward to her life now with her soulmate.

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  4. It must be hard for the parents to live in a quiet house. Sounds unfair doesn’t it.
    I loved the way you ended the story on a positive note.

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  5. Myra is giving me goals Akshata. I will keep it in mind to go for a candle light dinner with my better half when my nest will be empty. Hold on…why wait so long…let me plan it some time now. Its been really long.

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  6. How touching was that dear, I have always craved for a daughter but perhaps if I would have had one, this would have been the toughest moment of my life. I liked the sweet ending. I saw a wonderful and independent Akshata there, which know you indeed are darling ♥️

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  7. it reminded me of my vidai.
    also made me realize we need to take time out to make memories. we often think we would do this when we get old, free of responsibility .. who knows what will happen tomorrow. enjoy the moment.

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  8. I felt that way when my kids went to college. My daughter never did come home. My son lived at home during college and then joined the Army! Luckily, they both call all the time.

    And I follow them on Find My Friends.

    And there’s messaging…

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  9. There actually is third option. A middle path between the two. Wherein Myra let’s out her emotions for s while and then accepts them and move forward. Moving on doesn’t have to be immediate, we should allow it to take it’s time.

    PS I would like to think the husband was named after me 😛

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  10. Such a beautiful tale and so well written in this series. Emotional and I love how she goes ahead for a dinner date plan 🙂 Lovely this one is.

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  11. I think this couple has done the right thing by defining their life together as much more than that of parents of a kid. They are entitled to their own life, and have absolutely no reason to feel guilty about having an identity separate from their kid. And now, they have the opportunity to live their life to the fullest once again, without any ‘encumbrances’ 🙂

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