Timeless moments #FictionMonday

Time once gone doesn’t come back, they say. Depending on how we spent that time and in whose company determines if we are glad its in the past and wont come back ever to haunt us again OR we are left with quite a contrary feeling of yearning for those wonderful moments and wish we could relive them.

In my days of not feeling my chirpy self, I often look back on memories stored in the depths of my heart, of times spent with people I love, I have often felt like reliving that moment brings much more joy than the moment itself. Such is the power of good memories.

Then there are memories that one wants to push away, not necessarily because they are bad but perhaps a fall out with someone who was once dear to you, someone no longer being a part of your life and such memories however beautiful , leave you with more pain than joy. But can you succeed in not thinking of those times and inflicting your present self with despair?

Perhaps some of us can, and for the rest of us it takes longer to heal, but heal we must for no one but ourselves.

This wonderful quote by Demi Lovato that Vineetha shared with this Fiction Prompt sums it up so wonderfully that I cant help but use it-

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2 thoughts on “Timeless moments #FictionMonday

  1. You know, I love sitting down and thinking about the stuff from the past, good stuff that is. It makes me happy to remember and pretend that it wasn’t so long ago. Thankfully, there are a number good memories to keep company all the time.
    Happy to have you on board for #FictionMonday, Akshata. Hope to read your post this week too.

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