The world is your oyster #Fiction Mondays

“Misha smile”.

“A nice wide grin with your teeth showing”

“Show me your dainty dress, hold it out from the sides as you pose”

Click, click , click.

Thousands of pictures, from the time she was born. I wanted to capture every moment, the first smile, gasp, tear, laugh, step , year. And after the firsts came so many more. There was never a dearth of things to capture when it came to Misha , my baby-around whom my life centered.

My hard disk, Macbook, I pad were all full of years of her growing up.

And then the pictures started to reduce. Misha was exploring her new world, a world where she found exciting things, forged new bonds. I am still a big part of her world and I know I will always be, but I have to let her fly.

I take the camera along as I go on my walk today, its been weeks since I last used it. How odd.

I look around and take in the sights, an old man trying to cross the road, creases appearing on his forehead, a little girl rushes to help him, the creases vanish and a beautiful smile appears on his face. Hand in hand they cross the road and he blesses her by touching her head gently.

She goes back to her brother and they continue playing.

A couple sitting on a bench nearby, hand in hand as they whisper sweet nothings into each others ears.

A girl at a cafe as she is immersed in a book and she throws her head and laughs.

A puppy out on a walk with its owner.

So many wonderful sights, wonder why I never took time to stop, stand and stare and click.

With renewed vigor I take out my camera and “click”.

There is so much to explore, miles to go before I sleep.

This is written in response to the photo prompt , linking up with Vinitha who hosts Fiction Mondays

2 thoughts on “The world is your oyster #Fiction Mondays

  1. This is what living does to people. We slowly disappear into the busyness of life and one day realize that everything changed from where we were. Our identity doesn’t have to be determined by our busyness. There still can be time and space for the passions that brings us joy. Beautifully told, Akshata. Thank you for joining. 🙂

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