Invincible #FictionMondays

“Do you think you are strong Angel?” I asked my 6 year old.

“Yes I am. The other day I was so tired as my dance teacher made me practise dancing again and again to get the perfect moves as she wanted to shoot a group video. Sweat was trickling down my face but I told my mind – just one more time Angel you can do it. And I did it”, she said with a gleam in her eyes.

As a 6 year old “strong” for her is training her mind to listen to her and the mind in turn influences her actions towards a positive outcome.

As a mother I wish she stays strong, has the courage to stick to her beliefs, take unconventional decisions if need be as long as it makes her happy.

What helps one build strength and stay invincible in the face of calamities? Is it always the situations life throws at you that leaves you with little choice or perhaps no choice at all? Or is it life’s experiences that we collect over time that make us stronger and unfazed?

For me its been the presence of strong women in my life which has influenced me in being a stronger version each day. Someone who makes me believe I am enough, I complete myself, I need to nurture my soul and body each day and do things that make me feel fulfilled and happy- this may mean taking a detour, following a path that most may hesitate to tread on , but hey its just one life and a very short one – live a life that makes you contended.

I wish every child out there could draw strength from their parents and those who influence their lives- to be able to follow their heart. For all that matters in the end is – have you lived a life that makes you feel fulfilled?

Word prompt- Strong.

Linking up with Vinitha for Fiction Mondays. I am choosing to write a non fiction piece this time!

6 thoughts on “Invincible #FictionMondays

  1. Your little girl has you as her idol, Akshata. Just observing you fills her with a confidence that she too is a strong little lady who can face whatever difficulties come in her way. Her world is full of innocence right now, but we never know what all kids go through every day that tests their strength. So, the confidence with which she answered your question shows her valor.

    Loved this post, Aks! ♡
    Do give a hug to your little one on my behalf.

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