In pursuit of a miracle #WriteBravely

I stood in front of the mirror, my eyes shut tightly. My heart was beating so loudly, the thumping could be heard all around the room, my palm was moist with sweat, my throat parched.

My life passed before my eyes like a blur. Every time I stood before this mirror and looked at myself, how I hated the sight I saw. This was not me, not the real me. I was trapped here, how I wished I could change this exterior self. But first I had to fight a lot of demons, the inner ones were the toughest to conquer.

I had to fight the world, friends, neighbours, society, I had to fight Maa and Baba before that. Would they understand me, accept me for who I truly am?

I wished a miracle would happen, after all they do happen to lucky people, the chosen ones. I would wake up one day and everything would be different, I would be the person I always wanted to be. I would look at myself in the mirror and blow a kiss to the new me, not wish shatter the glass into a thousand pieces like I always wish to do now.

But then I had my epiphany, and I knew I had to create my own miracle, take a leap of faith, embrace myself.

Today as I stand before the mirror, the real me Sheena and not the Sheena who was trapped in the body of Sathish, I smile even before I open my eyes. Slowly and steadily I open my eyes and look at myself in the mirror. The few scars from the surgery will lighten and disappear with time I was told.

I smile, my shiny white teeth gleaming and blow myself a kiss. Miracles do happen but only when you trust yourself to take the first step towards making it come true.

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’. The 2 prompts that I have used are the picture prompt and the word prompt “Miracle”.

23 thoughts on “In pursuit of a miracle #WriteBravely

  1. How many lives get shattered because of the fear of what the world will think of them! The only solution is getting over those fears and self-doubts, but it is also the most toughest thing to do!
    Very well written, Aks! SO full of hope!


  2. It is taking that very first step, that leap of faith into the unknown that makes things happen, and such miracles do happen in our lives and turn it around a full 360 degrees! Lovely story, Akshata and a lovely take on the prompt too.

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  3. It is difficult to follow your heart’s song amidst the constant question of what will everyone think of me? But, true happiness comes one when we are true to ourselves. Well expressed Akshata.

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  4. Wonderful narration, Akshata.

    For my post on the occasion of International Women’s Day, I prepared a questionnaire to know about womanhood. One of the question was “Some people claim that they are women but trapped in men’s body. What do you think make them feel like a woman despite having a man’s body?”

    Being a woman or precisely womanhood is more than a biological thing. My intention behind asking that question was to enquire about the core qualities that could be collectively called as womanhood.

    After read this story, I’m very positive that you’ll help me in finding those. Thanks in advance. 🙂

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  5. Yes, all questions were marked as mandatory, but you always had the choice to answer ‘No comments.’

    Anyway, all questions are meant to find out the qualities that could be collectively called as womanhood or femininity.

    Well, you could answer this one here also in the comment if you like to.

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