Leap of faith #TellTaleThursday

I stood at the station waving her goodbye till I could see her silhouette disappear as the train moved farther on. At this odd hour, the station was empty. I looked at my watch, 5 days to go before I see her again, touch her, share a meal , hold hands, take her in my arms for real. For now I had to be content with the skype calls and text messages.

I had never imagined a long distance relationship with Sherin, we were inseparable. And then out of the blue, she landed this plum job opportunity at Montreaux , a 3 way drive from where we lived. It was a dream job and we mutually agreed the best thing to do was for her to move there and travel back home once a week.

It worked wonderfully well for her as she was all excited about her new gig, but it was a nightmare for me. Living without her was more difficult than I imagined. What would I do? I couldn’t possibly move out from the town I was born in, grew up, my parents, friends, cousins everyone was here. I had my baking business here, life outside this town would be no life at all. But life without Sherin wasn’t much of a life anyway.

She had tried coaxing me to move in with her, she had already seen a small store nearby where I could set up shop. “Its wonderful, you will love it, you just need to take the first step hon” she said.

“Was I ready?” I shivered at the thought of stepping out from the boundary of this town which was my safe haven for 25 years now. I had to be ready someday. I may fail but I won’t be alone. I just had to take that leap of faith, trust myself and spread my wings.

I smiled for the first time in a yer after dropping her to the station.

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10 thoughts on “Leap of faith #TellTaleThursday

  1. Yes, some people are homing birds, they find comfort in their home and in the familiarity of things around them. But for their relationship’s sake, I hope she moves out. I guess the last line is a hint at just that. Lovely story, Akshata!

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  2. I’m thinking if he decided otherwise, would he be considered as villain?

    Well, in any case, he’ll be remembered as villain either by his family or his girlfriend whomever he decides to leave.

    It’s a classic case of Dharmasankat. Whatever you choose you’re going to loose. No logic or reason will help you out in such situations. Sometimes no matter what you do, you’re going to hurt someone. You’re doomed. The only ray of light is faith. Faith is the only antidote of doubt not reason.

    Well conceived & executed, Akshata, as usual. 🙂


  3. it can be terrifying to step out of your comfort zone but sometimes that may be the hardest step to something meaningful and fulfilling

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