Being happy is all that matters #WriteBravely

The thought crossed my mind a million times. Why was I different? Born in a family of super achievers , why was I the black sheep?

Mom is a fitness enthusiast , Dad an award winning businessman, my oldest sister became a pilot and the next one a super model. My younger brother went to study at MIT and excelled at mountain biking too. I could see the glint of pride in my parent’s eyes when they spoke of their kids and their achievements. The sole purpose of throwing these lavish parties at Mariott and Hyatt was to boast about their highs. But as soon as someone spoke of me, I could see the creases of worry on Dad’s forehead and how Mom excused herself to get another drink. “What’s Saroj doing these days, are there no plans of studying further after graduation? Perhaps go abroad for a Masters?”

The truth was I was not interested in working in an MNC or taking care of a business, neither was I a sports enthusiast or a fitness buff. My dream life was marrying and raising a family. Cooking for them, taking care of the house, raising kids. I found solace in leading an ordinary life. I looked forward to holidays when I could cook to my heart’s content, relax and read a book, listen to some music, take a nap, go to the park for a stroll. Ah what bliss!

Everyone was shocked when I told them I did not want to study or work further. Why don’t you open your cooking school or a cake shop, we will invest, said Dad. But I did not want to cook for money, I wanted to cook in the confines of my kitchen for the people I love.

But in today’s world of over achievers , especially a family of super successful people, would I be accepted ? They would say I am laid back, complacent, lazy, unambitious. Am I? Or am I just different? I want different things from life. Who made the rules anyway , who defines whats success, happiness, joy? It can have different connotations for different people. For Mom, its seeing her fitness center in Page 3 , for Dad its a new business award, for me its baking that perfect cake and eating it with people I love.

Today as we crowd around the dining table to eat my famous apple pie, Sarah and Siddharth cant stop praising me. Feeding my babies, taking care of them , nurturing them was what I always wanted.

My family as expected did not support me, but I met Reena one day. Reena was hungry for success but unlike me family, she was happy to let me define my own success. We complemented each other perfectly. She went to work, I managed the house. When the twins were born, she went out to work after 6 months and grabbed her promotion.

“Wish we had a husband like Saroj”, all the women crooned.

“He’s mine, be content with the apple pie” Reena laughed, her mouth full of pie.

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’

I have used the picture prompt today!

16 thoughts on “Being happy is all that matters #WriteBravely

  1. First I thougbt Saroj was a girl, only in the end I realised he is a man
    This story resonates so much with me. Amongst my friends I am the only one who took a ‘different” route but today everyone respects me for my decision.
    Nice post Akshata

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  2. Great write up, Akshata. I don’t know whether you did it intentionally or not, but I liked the idea of two stories in one because of the name Saroj, which could be either a male or a female.

    In case of male, Saroj is SAHD, which is not a norm at present. Or, in case of Saroj being female, marriage between same gender is also not a custom.

    In either case, your message is very strong. I think delivering a social message through your stories is your strong suit, and I respect you for that.

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  3. Rat race for rats, isnt it? Everyone has the liberty to define his or her own set of happiness and strive to achieve it. Saroj definitely has the strength of character to lead the life his way and thus enjoy it to the brim.
    Loved the intention of using the name Saroj when the twist in the tale was revealed! Kudos Akshata.

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