A tale of coffee and world travel #TellTaleThursday

Back to business, shutters up.

The floor well swept and mopped.

Freshly brewed coffee and the smell of pakoras.

Breakfast time was the one where they made most money.

A regular no frills coffee shop tucked in a one of the many lanes in Cochin, they sold around 300 cups of coffee each day.

They lived a frugal life, saving every penny.

One would perhaps walk away, not noticing this quaint shop, the streets of Cochin are full of many such small coffee shops.

What makes this special is the walls that are adorned with picture, pictures of travel to 23 countries over the past several years- from Switzerland to South Africa, Israel to Egypt. The man who serves everyone coffee with a smile on his face and twinkle in his eyes and his demure wife – the owners, managers, business partners in this coffee venture are in fact the wanderlusts in these pictures.

As a customer worries about his second house EMI, the other one talks about taking a car loan to buy a bigger car and the third is stressed about his bonus at work, our coffee man smiles at his wife as he counts their earnings for the day ” 256 days to go before our next dream begins”

(This story draws inspiration from the real life adventures of Vijayan and Mohana, an elderly couple who own a small tea shop in Cochin and are fulfilling their dream of travelling the world by funding their travel from their tea shop savings and by taking loans. The work for 3 years and collect money and then travel to a new country.)

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