Of love and loss #TellTaleThursday

The beach always held a special place in her heart.

As kids they ran and splashed water, made sand castles and lay down under the sun as they heard the sound of waves crashing nearby. The world was their oyster. Joel and she were meant to be.

As they grew up, sparks flew. It was the most natural thing.

They held hands as they walked on the beach whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears.

They made love for the first time in the bushes nearby and it was their favourite hangout from then.

She was betrayed at this very place one summer day when she saw him in the arms of another woman.

“I am in love Sasha, what we had was lust, You are my best friend but I do not love you”, it was a hard slap across her face.

Tears refused to come out as she stood in silence, her eyes looking into the depths of the sea.

She wanted to sleep and wished that when she woke up she found this was just a bad dream.

She woke up to 2 funerals- Joel and his girlfriend’s.

As she sat alone by the beach, she carefully dug a sandpit and buried the ring which she had gifted Joel when they were 16. “Don’t ever try to take this ring out and replace it with another, that will be your last day on earth” she had said with a smile, her eyes bore deep into Joel who shrugged it away with a laugh.

She had her last laugh with the waves joining in her agony.

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