Looking at the brighter side of life, being thankful and looking for joy in little things.

The last few days have been pretty stressful – with my daughter being under the weather for almost 10 days and something untoward happening at work. It feels a lot very stressful especially after you have just come back from a fun filled holiday at Goa.

I have been feeling the blues, life seemed unfair and bleak, though I tried staying optimistic and telling myself “This too shall pass”, “No point in fretting over things I have little control over” it dint feel very good.

Yesterday at work 2 things happened which gave me a new perspective about life and why I need to look at whats working out, rather than fret over whats not working as per what I envisaged.

I met a colleague whom I seldom meet as she works in a different location. A sweet soul who always says the nicest things, I like interacting with her. I learnt yesterday that she has a special child and something she told me struck me like lightening, it was my moment of epiphany. “Parenting a special child gives you a totally new perspective, everyone has a normal child. But God has blessed us with a special one. The journey, perspective, patience needed is totally different. I take each day as it comes. Rather than fretting over whats not happening, I am grateful for whats happening right in life.”

This made me wonder – why am I not counting my blessings in life ? Not thinking about all the things that are right? Good health, money, happiness, a god sent Angel.

I also had the opportunity to strike a conversation with my cabbie yesterday as it was a long journey. While I am usually glued to my phone, listening to music or watching Mrs Maisel, the cabbie asked me if he could stop to fill gas on the way back home. It was a request as they are not supposed to stop midway when dropping an employee home. It did take a good 15 minutes at the petrol bunk and my rumbling tummy made me wonder if I had made the right decision. But when he turned towards me with smiling eyes and expressed gratitude for letting him this leeway, it made me feel good. All of a sudden, all that mattered was having the chance to make someone happy, in a small way and using that for the right reason.

Life felt better. I felt I was not pausing enough and trying to value the little things, make a small difference in lives of people, or mine.

My daughter has recovered now and today is the first day life is back on track. Its also the start of a new journey as I will make a conscious attempt to view things differently, however hard it may seem at first. Its all about making the most of these moments in life that matter, isn’t it?

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