The Date #FFFAW #Flash Fiction

Ryan adjusted his tie once more, he was really excited today. A date after a very long time. His busy work schedule and family responsibilities meant very little time for himself.

The setting was perfect, one of their favourite coffee shops where they sipped many a latte and devoured blueberry cheesecake, laughed, cried, created wonderful memories. Ryan then met other women, young, beautiful,the outside world lured him and he found himself too busy to make time for her.

The conversations and coffee dates had stopped gradually- a hurried call, is all it was. But today was different. He had invited her for coffee- as his steaming cuppa was served,he took out his aviator sunglasses and placed them on the cup- it brought back old memories.

She entered and his heart skipped a beat,she looked beautiful as always.There was a twinkle in her eye, she seemed excited too. He rose from his seat, took her hand and kissed it with love “Mom thanks for accepting my date,may I add you look wonderful and I look forward to having great time with you”

(175 words)

Linking up with the amazing Priceless Joy who hosts a weekly Flash Fiction Challenge #FFFAW. Thanks shivam25 for the photo.


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16 thoughts on “The Date #FFFAW #Flash Fiction

  1. You are a master of this craft Akshata!
    Adorable tale and absolutely surprising, pleasing twist in the end made it a great read!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

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