Closure #FridayReflections

Ridhi bit her lower lip, she always did that when she was tensed. She was visiting her hometown after 4 years. The peace and tranquility after a maddening schedule in London ought to calm her down. This was the place she was born and raised, where she made her first friends and foes and her first love. Ranbir- how could she ever forget him.

Puppy love they call it but was it really something that she had forgotten and moved on. Every evening after school, they would ride on his blue bicycle, where she sat behind and he rode the cycle. She would hold his waist gently. Their favourite hangout was the beach. They say by the sea shore, hand in hand as they talked for hours, whispering sweet nothings. This was the kind of love everyone hopes for, its magical and it felt like it will last forever.

Like a hurricane, it came one day. Unannounced, uncalled, unwanted-he disappeared all of a sudden with his parents. They left the town overnight, some said his parents owed debts and the loans sharks were after them, others said they hid some terrible secrets.

Ridhi was devastated.She tried ways and means to contact him, but nothing worked. Thousands of questions ran through her mind. Why dint he confide in me? Where is he? Surely this meant something to him.

She had to give up eventually, rather painfully and move on with life. But the questions and pain lingered on. During her last week in London she received an unexpected mail on Linkedin. It was from him. He was back in town and wanted to meet.

Today as she waited at the coffee shop, conflicting emotions danced in her mind. What did he want now? Why had he just walked away? Was she truly done with him?

She heard a bell and turned to see him with the same blue cycle- he had changed but the twinkling eyes had the same boyish charm. For a moment she was pulled into the past- would life have been different, she mused.

She gave him a half hearted smile- she was determined to have a closure this time.

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26 thoughts on “Closure #FridayReflections

  1. Initially I was happy to read that she was determined for the closure. But on a second thought, thought that he should get fair chance to explain things that invaded her…
    Interesting tale Akshata! It leaves the reader to linger on way beyond the last period of the tale.
    – Anagha from Team MocktailMommies

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