Envy #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Little Riya looked at the skyscraper in awe. Bright lights shone in every window. A picture perfect life of those living in the cosy homes with lots of good food, life’s comforts, those picturesque family holidays, good clothes- they had everything. She yearned to taste this high life, for a day atleast. Alas, wishes dint come true so easily. There was no fairy godmother.

Siya looked out of the window and spotted the urchin girl Riya as she wrapped up her day at the flower stall. She doesn’t have a roof over her head and barely earns enough to make ends meet but she’s a happy soul. I see her skip around, carefree, without a worry as she lives each moment and revels in it. Look at me, I have the high life but no happiness. My Life is so empty, devoid of love, family. How I wish I could swap my life with her for a day,

(156 words)

Linking up wth the Amazing Priceless Joy for 150-75 words Flash Fiction for Aspiring writers.


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37 thoughts on “Envy #FFFAW #FlashFiction

  1. “The Prince and the Pauper” was originally a novel by Mark Twain which has been made into multiple television and movie versions. Basically a child prince discovers he has a “twin,” a pauper boy. Each one envies their opposite so they decide to trade places with very interesting results.

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  2. There is a short story by Jeffrey Archer called ‘The Grass is Always Greener’, in which he explores the emotions you have experimented with here on a larger scale. This was a fascinating take, Akshata. Very well done.

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  3. We never feel satisfied with what life gives us! I guess that is human nature. If human race learns to be satisfied with what one has then i guess there wouldn’t have been many discoveries and we wouldn’t have evolved.
    Just my view, trying to peep through other side of the coin!

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  4. Ah! humans. Don;’t we always crave for what we don;t have instead of concentrating on what we do have. The grass id greener …syndrome afflicts all of us. The contrasts were beautifully highlighted. Well written, Aks.

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  5. I like your story, but I guess you were limited by the number of words. Don’t be. Just write whatever comes to your mind. This piece sounded like a beginning. I wonder, what would happen if their life’s get switched or how would they learn to find the joy and meaning in their existing lives. I would love to read more. Would you write?

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