The Connection #FridayFotoFiction

Looking at them will leave one perplexed.There was nothing in common.A older Muslim man and a young Christian lad.They were as different as chalk and cheese-and yet they were often seen together.The old man lovingly held the younger man’s hand,his eyes spoke a thousand words- love,pain,gratitude.

The guy is a Christian-what business do you have with that infidel,people asked.Some even suspected that they were gay.

Sunday,they met as usual and went for a walk,holding hands.Salim’s eyes welled up- he remembered his son Jamal.They used to go on long walks -father and son till a freak car crash snuffed the life out of Jamal.Jason was battling with a heart disease in the same hospital.Without a second thought, Salim donated his son’s heart and gave a new lease of life to Jason.The young man was grateful to him and the old man knew his son’s heart was beating and alive-right beside him.

(150 words)

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44 thoughts on “The Connection #FridayFotoFiction

  1. Such a beautiful-beautiful tale, Akshata! Short fiction storytelling fascinates me the most. It brings out the best in terms of creativity to weave a story in limited characters. And the depth with which you wrote this piece is amazing. Loved it! 🙂

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  2. Definitely one of the best takes on the prompt. Such a beautiful story. It highlights so many emotions and most importantly, such an important topic such as organ donation. Simply outstanding!!!!

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