Its time that we don’t have- #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Damodar Uncle was a busy man- a rich, ambitious, talented man who was busy travelling the world and making millions of dollars.Everyone envied him- a palatial house,the best cars,a happy wife and kids and a stellar career.

His wife Savitri had just one complaint- spend time with me and the kids. But it was always about- this one deal that I need to clinch and then I will have more time on my hands. That day never came. The kids flew the nest and Savitri was busy tending to her little garden and potted plants- they were her only companion now as he got busier at work.

The day he decided to retire was the day she breathed her last. Today as he sits in her garden, the potted plants giving him company, he mourns those lost years, he does not have any memories of her or the kids. All he has are these plants which symbolise his wife and the time she spent with them. These days he refuses to leave the garden.

(174 words)

Linking up with the amazing Priceless Joy. Thanks Shivam25 for the image. This is a flash fiction hosted every week by Priceless Joy. Click here to read more


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27 thoughts on “Its time that we don’t have- #FFFAW #FlashFiction

  1. The fallacies of a materialistic world. In the wild rush to earn moolah people forget to stop short and smell the flowers. Probably now is the time when Damodar Uncle will at least smell the flowers and rejoice in whatever little he has- a priceless gift his wife left him.

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  2. We have become so much money minded that we have forgotten the real meaning of life…. family…. society… friends….. this beautiful nature….. there is so much to enjoy….. very beautifully written….. Akshata……

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      1. I had read somewhere that we make money by spoiling our relations and health…. and then we spend that same money to get that back…… are we really intelligent specie……


  3. Sadly this story is so true of our contemporary times when we have started to becoming so lost in our work, in the money we earn, in the position we want and so on and so forth. We forget that work will always be there but our loved ones are there today and one day they won’t be there. What’s the use of that money or that deal or that position when we don’t have anyone to enjoy it with.

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