Bonobology- The true story about relationships

As a blogger – I am passionate about writing on varied topics and am constantly looking for new platforms to project my work on. There are numerous websites which cater to parenting, women, fashion, food, lifestyle but I never found something that focusses solely on relationships. With the changing urban landscape- the dynamics of relationships have evolved- from one night stands to friends with benefits, from love to arranged marriages and live in’s, from joint to nuclear families, heterosexual to homosexual and transgenders,extra marital affairs to boredom in relationships, divorce, separation, abuse, in law problems- there is so much going on but why isn’t there a dedicated space to talk about it?

Thats when I came across this new platform called Bonobology. This was founded in 2015 by the enigmatic Raksha Bharadia the editor of Chicken Soup India series. A dynamic writer who started this venture and is someone who takes initiative in talking directly to the contributors and encouraging them to write on this platform.

Stories of Love.png

Here is what I love about Bonobology and why I think its the ultimate destination for relationships

  1. True stories- Bonobology doesn’t look at fiction but true life stories of couples- that’s what makes it most relatable. The varied range of topics covered is what adds to the flavour. Be it bedroom stories, extra marital affairs or long distance relationships- these are very much a truth today and Bonobology doesn’t shy away from bringing these stories to its readers
  2. Discussion boards- This is a unique feature which I haven’t found anywhere. Anyone with an ID on the site can start a discussion – ask a question/ opinion on any subject related to relationships. You will be surprised to see the diverse view points and judgement free advise/ opinions pouring in.
  3. Counselling Corner- There is also a section where you can seek advise/guidance from counsellors by being anonymous which is useful to someone seeking help
  4. Confessions- Get it off your chest without fear of being ostracised- yeah not kidding. Check it out now
  5. Blogs- Read blogs from various bloggers on topics which may or may not relate to relationships , participate in the fun  weekly contest on Bonobology Blogs and get a chance to be the “featured blogger” .

So what are you waiting for- a real life story to tell, a confession to make, a discussion to be had- head over to



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18 thoughts on “Bonobology- The true story about relationships

  1. I like reading posts on Bonobology too. Raksha Bharadia is from my hometown Ahmedabad. While I was a teacher in a school in Ahmedabad, she conducted a workshop which I had attended.

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  2. I have navigated through umpteen numbers of websites and very very seldom I land on a website which calls out to me. Bonobology is one of those websites. And I can’t thank you enough to have written so well about it. Thanks for the post. Loved it. 🙂 Cheers!

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