The window seat I loved #WOW

Ronit and Riya were fighting again for the window seat. Hardly  were we seated in the bus when the brawl began. Whats with this window seat complained grandma. Finally I had to play the arbitrator, and after a lot of cajoling and some threats, they agreed to a truce. They will take turns in having the window seat for the journey.

As I settled in my seat which was not a window one, I smiled as I reminiscined my days as a child and how I would love having the window seat whenever we travelled. As a toddler I was fascinated by the sights and sounds around. I was still discovering the big and beautiful world and everything looked amazing and magical.

Then I was a lanky school going girl and I still loved the window seat in the school bus. After a long day at school I loved looking out of the window and absorbing the people, vehicles, sounds in.

I was a teenager then and like guys cal it “Bird watching” we girls likes to indulge in “Bird watching” too but the gender is different of course.

I found little time to look out of the window as I grew up and started working- the daily grind, stress, deadlines at work meant I was constantly checking my blackberry on the go. On days which were a bit light, I loved gazing out of the window of the cab, looking at the toddler accompanying his mother – looked like it was his first day at school. The crease of worry on his mother’s forehead and the contrasting joy on his made for a good watch. Then there were the lovebirds- the college goers who had eyes just for each other. Isn’t it magical to be in love- especially the early days when you are completely smitten by it? There was a pot bellied police guy who was yelling at motorists and the grandpa who walked cautiously with a stick, clutching the arm of his grand child.

So many people, different stories, they came from different places, were in different phases, someone had found love, someone lost it, someone had a great day , someone was just waiting for this day to end. Isn’t it amazing if you just glance around, you will find innumerable stories to tell.

I am a Mom of 2 now and I love the window seat as much as I loved it as a child, just that with 2 kids who are forever wrestling for the window seat and every other thing- I often have to forego it but that doesn’t stop me from looking out of the window, observing and forming these little stories in my head about people and life around.

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28 thoughts on “The window seat I loved #WOW

  1. We always traveled by train, so my sister and I would have the window seats. No fighting. And if only one was there, I’d take it and she’d sit next to me and lean in while I held her. 😀 It was wonderful to see the sights and the different people at the stations etc. 🙂 Very beautiful. Thanks for the trigger to a flood of memories!

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  2. Rofl at the bird watching part… I love window seats… Still do and will even fight with my siblings for it 😀 it has its own joy after all. Beautifully written

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  3. Every time I get the window seat, I indulge in the same things you do. Looking at the people outside, forming their stories in my head and wondering about what must go on in their minds!
    I loved reading your post, Akshata! I felt like I was sitting in the window seat and you were regaling me with your tales of the people who passed us by!

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  4. Yeah I was also excited for window seat when I was a kid and it’s the same now.. Time flies but we never change.
    Good post.. best wishes 🙂


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