I shall rise #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Niharika thy name is grace and beauty. The newspapers were full of praise for India’s top   classical dancer. Niki as she was called, was passionate about her art. It was combination of luck and determination which led to her meteoric rise.

The fall was sudden and plunged her into the depths of darkness. A tragic car accident which rendered her body paralysed spelt the end of her dancing career. Today the newspapers carried a different story.

It was 2 months and life had become a struggle. The mental agony is what killed her bit by bit. Therapy continued but the resolve was shaken somewhere. One day as she lay in her bed, cursing her fate, she looked at her fingers- they symbolised art, strength, resilience. She moved them gently, it took immense effort as she tried to bring them closer to touch the tip of her thumb- a gesture that symbolised a “mudra”.

At that moment she knew with certainty, she would come back to the stage.

(166 words)

(Mudra is the use of hand gestures in classical Indian dance which is a part of dancer’s vocabulary to depict a story)



This my entry to the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by the amazing Priceless Joy. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. This challenge is open to all who would like to participate. Thank you artycaptures.com for the image. Please CLICK HERE for more.


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