SoulMates #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Dhruv and Shweta gazed at the drawings on the cave wall- a stone man and what appeared like a square box or was it something else? Dhruv couldn’t remember. “Ah this one is the tennis court just outside our house where we will play a game every evening and I will beat you.” “Shwe you haven’t changed… Continue reading SoulMates #FFFAW #FlashFiction

With Mom and Dad #FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction

Harry stood at the deck, the moon illuminated the sky- it was a picture perfect sight. His Mama and Dad stood beside him- one perfect,happy family. He froze this thought in a corner of his heart,alas it was but a wish. Constant fights, followed by separation- it was a broken home. As he took the… Continue reading With Mom and Dad #FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction

A day in the life of Angel #WTFOW #WriteBravely

Good morning peeps, I hear a few hushed voices around, my mom and grandmom. They are nudging me, trying to wake me up. They say something like its 9 am wake up. These adults are really a pain in the @X$. So if I wake up at 7.30 they grumble that I woke up too… Continue reading A day in the life of Angel #WTFOW #WriteBravely

BLUE bruises- #BarAThon

The sound of the slap reverberated, creating a hollow effect. The stillness of the moment and the deafening silence that prevailed made the atmosphere all the more ominous. Smita was dumbstruck, she felt a stinging pain on her cheek as she continued to massage her thigh where she was struck 2 minutes ago and it… Continue reading BLUE bruises- #BarAThon

ORANGE Tree- #BarAThon

Shantala and Sudha sat gazing at the stars in the sky, as Sudha peeled an orange and handed over a few pieces to Shantala. They bit into the juicy orange as they reminisced their childhood days. They were childhood buddies, inseparable, people called them Siamese twins. Their favorite activity was climbing the orange tree in… Continue reading ORANGE Tree- #BarAThon

A quick guide in teaching your kids the value of money

Amongst the various fond childhood memories, one of my dearest ones is Diwali and birthday shopping. Shopping somehow seems to be in my genes, hence you cant really blame me for splurging money on clothes. A born shopaholic you see! Jokes apart, I would always look forward to that trip to the market lined with… Continue reading A quick guide in teaching your kids the value of money