A day in the life of Angel #WTFOW #WriteBravely

Good morning peeps, I hear a few hushed voices around, my mom and grandmom. They are nudging me, trying to wake me up. They say something like its 9 am wake up. These adults are really a pain in the @X$. So if I wake up at 7.30 they grumble that I woke up too early and if I sleep, then they still complain. So I pretend I am asleep, I love the part when my Mom comes and hugs me, kisses and whispers sweet nothings into my ears. Finally after too much of coaxing and cajoling I am up. Mumma takes me to brush my teeth, I love the flavour of strawberry toothpaste, I just swallow the paste and trick her to believe that I don’t know how to spit it out.

I then sit to have my breakfast, my mai (Mom’s mom) makes sure I have a scrumptious breakfast and prepares my favourite dishes ranging from poha, dosa, sabudana khichdi to bread butter cheese. Then follows the unpleasant ritual of drinking milk where my mom tries every trick in the book from pleading to threatening to distracting me with her Iphone. I gulp a few spoons and make a face.

Then its bath time where I love splashing about and warn Mommy to refrain from putting even a drop of water on my head- I hate head bath. I let out a ear piercing scream if she attempts to do that. Not that she cares anyway.

After bath is the best time, I go downstairs to bring home my friends who come in the school bus, you see my mai runs a day care which means I have some awesome friends to play with. I can’t contain my joy when I see the bus, I jump around and hug each of them as they alight. After coming home we play which is followed by lunch- oh did I tell you I love rotis and curd,paneer and nothing beats my love for fish. After a tummy full of meal, its obvious I am going to get dorwsy. Lunch is followed by a 2 hour siesta and then its playtime again.

There is potty time which comes somewhere in the middle. Usually when my Mommy is at home and she picks up her steaming cup of chai or plate laden with chicken biryani and sits down to relish it, I say in a soft voice “Mumma Potty”. She puts down her plate and take me to the toilet. God had told me “You need to test if your Mumma loves you or her chicken more, I do feel bad to do this to her especially knowing that she’s always eating col meals in office at her desk, but I am prompted to test her time and again.

Slowly my friends leave as their mommies come to pick them up and then its just my mai and me. I have my dinner and wait for my mumma to come from office. I don’t usually miss her during the day as I know she goes to office but once its night I kind of want to see her. Finally Mumma is at home and I scuttle to her handbag excitedly for a packet of chips or a chocolate bar. These days she doesn’t get me any, she says there are none and I make a face to show her I am offended. Then its story time which is a great way to end the day. Mumma or mai read me stories of Elmo, Peppa, Bruno and mumma also tells me about this crazy wizard called Harry Potter and her eyes light up- she says I need to grow a bit older to read him. I absolutely love books and I see the pride in the eyes of my Mumma and Mai as they see a crazy reader here just like them but when I insist they read me 5 books at night and its already late and they are tired I see them getting agitated. Not that I spare them anyway!

I then call it a night- tell me peeps did you like a sneak peep into the life of Angel?

The prompt for Day 4 is Feature a day in your life or someone else’s life


24 thoughts on “A day in the life of Angel #WTFOW #WriteBravely

    1. Yes! I couldn’t resist telling her about my all time favourite harry and his friends. Can’t wait to introduce her to the magical world. The poop timings always make me cringe


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