Proud of being Brown #WOW #ShortStory

Naira looked at her image in the mirror and cursed her luck again. I must have done something to displease the Gods, thats the reason I have been cursed with this dark skin which  everyone detests. Known as the black sheep of the family, not due her deeds but due to the colour of her… Continue reading Proud of being Brown #WOW #ShortStory

The window seat I loved #WOW

Ronit and Riya were fighting again for the window seat. Hardly  were we seated in the bus when the brawl began. Whats with this window seat complained grandma. Finally I had to play the arbitrator, and after a lot of cajoling and some threats, they agreed to a truce. They will take turns in having… Continue reading The window seat I loved #WOW

Fleeting Memories

It was my last day in the city. I strike out the city word. I am not sure if I can call this place a city. It’s some kind of a hybrid between a clusters of villages which was gradually mushrooming into a city. Mangalore a coastal town in south Karnataka which is famous for… Continue reading Fleeting Memories