Tell No One #FictionMondays

Are you the one who loves posting every tiny detail on social media or do you steer clear of sharing your life on Instagram, FB?

If you do share quite a bit, what motivates you? Is it your business, your personal brand, your journey as a fitness enthusiast, a sportsperson, a baker, a musician, an artist or any other hobby or talent you are trying to promote? Or are you keen to share your travel stories, your culinary experiences, time spent with your little ones- put them out there for your family and friends to see?

I read this quote by Anne Hathaway which resonated with me but somewhere it also left me in a quandary –

Those who follow me on social media know that I am quite active- I have an active Instagram presence- a public profile where I share my fitness journey actively , the biggest reason being its a mood booster for me and a great way to connect with people who share similar interests.

My mom is a step ahead and much more active that me on Facebook mainly where she shares her treks, walks, cycling and similar stories.

How much should one share? Is there a right formula?

As much as I share, there is a lot of stuff that’s private and beautiful and I would want to keep it strictly away from social media. The reason is not because I am superstitious- a few friends tell me they prefer keeping everything strictly private as people may cast evil eyes . I somehow (with all due respect to them and their sentiments) have never bought into that argument. Not just good things, its sometimes important to show the bad and ugly too, like a post on a day you don’t feel good, this is usually easier when you are a writer as you can use your words to put your emotions out there with a blog post or an Instagram reel.

So what about the private and beautiful stuff- lets just say these little secrets is what I prefer to revel in, all by myself – with my loved ones.

Linking up with Vineeta who hosts Fiction Mondays

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3 thoughts on “Tell No One #FictionMondays

  1. I hardly share my personal matters – be it a trip or a happy occasion on Social Media these days. I liked to share a few of my personal stories earlier. But then with so many opinionated people ravaging the platforms doing nothing but picking fights, I developed a sort of aversion and stopped sharing my thoughts and moments. Some days I think I am wrong to stop sharing. But now I find it hard to share. I feel sharing is good. Because we all have at least a few good friends and family members on our SM accounts. It’s nice to know about others. Judgments and unwanted opinions, though they deterred me, I believe, are not a reason to base any decision.
    I am glad you share your fitness journey on Insta and it is helping you to get better at your goals. Your posts are absolutely inspiring, Akshata. And yes, some moments are sweeter when savored in privacy. 🙂

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