Blinded by love #FictionMondays

The smile on her face was different this time. It came straight from her heart , a smile of someone in love. Her eyes shone, her cheeks glowed and everything around her that otherwise felt mundane had taken a new form today. May it always be like that, may we madly be in love with each other forever- thats all I wish- she mused. Her umbrella lit up , shimmering lights all around her , just like her heart felt at this moment.

But would it really stay like that? A few days, several days, months, years later- would love be enough? What when responsibilities started playing a bigger part- the chaotic , maddening rat race of life. As she looked around at her friends, each at a different stage of life and love. Some who were madly in love, they hugged, kissed , fussed over each other at every chance they got, irrespective of who was around- she envied them and wished secretly that she could experience love of this kind. But when she heard about some of them living a very contrasting life behind closed doors, she shuddered. And hastily took back her wish.

Then they were those where one partner kept giving and the other kept taking. Call it love or compromise , she wasn’t convinced they could be used interchangeably.How much can one keep giving in a relationship with zero expectations in return, is that really love? Won’t you call the “taker” a selfish one?

And there were those who had made peace with life, they were content in each other’s company- a marriage of convenience maybe or just acceptance where each pursued their dreams, their passion and as they sat across a table to share a meal they conversed about general things , no animated talks, each comfortable in silence , or small talk at times.

Or the ones who worked on their relation each day, it wasn’t easy but they made an earnest attempt to stand by each other, to talk, go on date nights though they often felt like snoozing on a weekend, shared chores, pushed each other to seize their dreams – but did such lovers exist? She wasn’t sure.

She loved this feeling of being blinded by love and a tiny voice in her head said “This wont last forever just like nothing really lasts forever- the good and the bad, but lets make every moment count while we sink in this blinding feeling of love”

Written in response to Fiction Mondays hosted by Vineetha

2 thoughts on “Blinded by love #FictionMondays

  1. It is wise to accept that nothing lasts forever, but it’s okay to savor the moment regardless. The kind of love that makes one smile is the best one. Beautiful read, Akshata. 🙂


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