That time is now hon #FictionMondays

Those fallen brown autumn leaves- at one point of time they invoked a romantic feeling- thanks to an overdose of SRK movies (read Mohabbetein) when we were in college.

When I look at them now they make me ponder if they lived their life? They knew that their time was limited and they would wither away once winter came, did they make the most of their time on earth? Any unfulfilled desires? Knowing that time lost will never come back, how do they feel as they see their end come nearer and then one day they are severed from the tree that nurtured them and they fall to the ground, breathing their last.

It made me reflect on our lives- while we dont know when our end will come do we live each day like its our last? Or we think we still have time left so lets first fulfil all those responsibilities, make enough money (well thats never enough- whoever spoke of money being subject to the law of diminishing marginal utility), let our kids grow up, get good jobs and then once we retire we will enjoy our lives, do all that we dreamt but never had time to indulge in.

But have we thought – how sure are we of when that finite time that we have on earth is going to come to an end? Or we might not be in a physical condition to be able to travel the world, trek, play a sport, run that race?

2 things happened recently that got me thinking hard- a young girl passed away in a car accident as she was travelling to Goa with her father and sister- a vacation turned into tragedy. May God give her family strength to deal with this untimely demise.

The 2nd incident was of a senior citizen- a good friend of my mom a 68 year old energetic, bubbly trekker and dancer . We were on a trek 2 weeks ago and she slipped and had a bad fall- 3 hairline fractures and a surgery- she wont be able to trek or dance for quite some time. Its good to see she is ok but I wonder a- free spirited and always on the move woman like her is going to find it extremely tough to not indulge in things she loves doing.

Time, my friends is limited and its not just about death but any other incident or our outlook changing with time, things that once seemed to excite us and engulf our lives may not hold the same charm a few years down the line. And even if one is still as passionate about things as they grow older you never know when that leaf gets severed from the tree.

That time is now, smell the roses, feel the breeze against your face, live each day to the fullest, be grateful for all you have and dont ever wait for the right moment to live your life. That right moment is now honey.

In response to FictionMondays hosted by Vinitha

5 thoughts on “That time is now hon #FictionMondays

  1. You are absolutely right, Akshata. Time is limited. There is no way of knowing when is our last day on Earth. Anything can happen to any of us any time. So it is our responsibility to live our life to the fullest every day, every moment. Who knows what’s in store, right?
    Sorry about the girl who lost her life. Good to know that your mom’s friend is doing okay despite the fall. It is going to be difficult for an active person to be tied down, though.
    Thank you for joining Fiction Monday, Akshata. 😊 Hope to read you again this week.

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