Being vulnerable #FictionMondays

With this wonderful picture prompt, the host of FictionMonday Vinitha shared a thought . She spoke about the petals of a dandelion which do not shy away from showing their vulnerability, their fragility as they free them self from the flower and wander off. To be not afraid of our own vulnerability – and being ourselves with no inhibitions isn’t this powerful?

Made me reflect on us humans – we often shield ourselves like in the workplace we are reluctant to admit they are things we may not know. The fear of being rebuked, becoming the laughing stock perhaps is what holds us back- we do not want to taint that image of credibility we have painstakingly built.

I was attending a leadership training for women leaders last year and an interesting thought that the trainer brought to us was about showing our vulnerable self to people- he asked us if its good or not?

I thought about it- I had no conflicting thoughts. I have always looked up at people who present their authentic self at work, who do not hesitate to admit that they do not know some things or they could be wrong.

We all are human and lets face it perfection is a myth, pursuit of this will only lead to stress and unhappiness. This is not to say that we must not work towards our betterment each day but chasing perfection by setting unrealistic standards and shielding our true selves from being out there in the open may not be the best way out. When I have looked at senior leaders admitting they may be wrong, may not be the subject matter expert and may not know the answer it gives me confidence that I am not alone. There is everyone who doesn’t know something. We all are on the path of learning.

Showing your vulnerable self is a trait that makes you human, authentic and reliable. Like the dandelion- in vulnerability and fragility likes strength.

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3 thoughts on “Being vulnerable #FictionMondays

  1. True – we all are on the path of learning. Admitting when we are wrong takes courage and maturity. It also shows a growth mindset which is much more important than perfection. Thank you for joining in, Akshata. Always a pleasure to read. 🙂

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