Date night #FictionMonday

I looked at myself in the mirror for the 20th time, “do I look good? Have I overdone my make up? My hair- when was the last time I left it open, it was always tied in a messy bun with strands falling down my face which I brushed aside”

This feels good, the hair spa I got this morning, shopping for a new dress and taking time for myself to get ready.

“You look gorgeous” I told myself as I stpped back to my seat. The cafe was empty, perfect for our date.

As I waited and glanced at my phone, scrolling mindlessly, 2 cups of hazelnut latte were placed on the table, one cup of fresh fruit and a bagel and brownie, the stuff we used to have so many years ago at this very cafe. I was impressed, he knew his stuff.

How time flies! People move on with their lives but love find a way of coming back into our lives. If it was meant to last, it will.

And here we are, or rather me. I looked at my watch again and at the cafe door.

I saw someone enter and my face broke into a smile.

There he is- handsome as always, I see a few grey strands of hair but that hasn’t taken away the boyish charm in any way. His face breaks into a warm smile as his eyes meet mine. He comes over and swoops me in a bear hug and plants a kiss on my forehead.

We sit down, hand in hand , I have the feeling nothing has changed , we might have lived miles apart and life took its own course over the past decade but our love has not withered. I can see it in his eyes, feel it in his words.

“You look stunning Mom” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Thanks my boy and I am super excited to be on a brunch date with you today”

In response to the picture prompt , Fiction Mondays hosted by Vinitha

7 thoughts on “Date night #FictionMonday

  1. What a surprisingly sweet twist in the end! I didn’t see that coming, Akshata. Thank you for joining #FictionMonday. It’s a pleasure having you over. Hope to see you this week too. 🙂

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