Choice #FictionMonday

She clasped her fingers tightly, her brow twitched like it always did when she was in deep thought.

She asked herself for the 100th time. Was she ready to take the plunge? Ready to give up her carefree ways and brace herself up to take responsibility? Was she really in her senses? Should she take time off and think this through again?’

Her life which she had painstakingly built over years, her career that she took pride in, her music, travel, everything- nothing would remain the same. How much ever people said about this being the most magical thing in your life, what if it was not? Could she love someone so much that she would be willing to alter her life for the sake of him?

She wanted to run, maybe this all was a mistake. That night of tequila and the absurd conversation with her friends, her life not being complete unless she was with someone, had made her jump to this decision.

As he held the pen and turned the papers towards her, she looked up . She wasn’t sure how she could put this without making him feel she was bailing out.

As she opened her mouth to speak, the door opened and Rehan came running towards her. He looked into her eyes and she saw hope, happiness, laughter- those twinkling eyes. The one she had fallen in love with when they met hers for the first time. She scooped him in her arms, nothing else mattered. She was ready, she knew it.

She turned and signed the adoption papers.

“Time to go home my son” she whispered lovingly into Rehan’s ears as mother and son walked into their new life.

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