Regrets #FictionMonday

Everything about the house looked picture perfect, it was the dream home James and I had been scouting for since a year. “A new one on the block , you will love it” said Lisa, our estate agent.

It was indeed a beauty, ample light, just the right size of rooms, a little backyard and some furniture which the owners were keen to sell.

Pictures of people who had lived here adorned the walls. They will take it down, Lisa clarified hastily. I was eager to see the study as thats where I would be spending most of my time working on my book.

As I hurried towards it and opened the door, something was amiss. It was not at all hard to tell, the 2 blank photo frames seemed very odd.

Were these the blank pages of someone’s diary that had once been overfull but time had played a cruel joke and left him bereft? Was this depicting a lost love, the grief of a parent, of one’s life lived for the sake of others as this person kept filling the palette of colours for others but not a dash of color added to their own life?

Or was this a canvas for me to paint the colors I chose to? I choose hope, love, laughter, friends, a life lived selfishly at times, for what matters is nurturing one’s soul. And some good wine and food of course!

This is in response to the picture prompt and Fiction Mondays hosted by Vinitha Dileep, you can read the other stories here.

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