Feels like home to me #Fiction

Rhea hated everything about this cold country- the dull weather, overcast sky, the cold people who just gave you a cold stare. It was a horrible place to be.

Why o why had Ma taken up this so called opportunity in Geneva? Its for the better kanna, she had said. Its good for both of us to move far away, its a better quality of life, more money, better education, we can travel in Europe, start afresh- just you me.

She reluctantly played along but she sorely missed the sunshine back home in Mumbai, her friends, the pani puri wala, Shaila aunty next door and so many things. This place just felt like some kind of a holiday where you go for a few days, enjoy the picturesque sights and head home.

School was so different, being a shy child she was struggling to make friends. People hardly spoke to each other and Ma was busy with her new job.

As she wandered listlessly on the way back home, her eyes stopped at the sign- “Bibliophiles’ Nest”. Fixated she walked towards it and pushed open the door, her heart beating a bit louder than usual, unsure what to expect. She gave out a shriek of delight and clapped her hands in glee. There were rows of books gleaming in the shelves, beckoning, smiling, asking to be devoured.

Miles away from home, she found her safe haven at last.

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16 thoughts on “Feels like home to me #Fiction

  1. Aww, that’s a heartwarming story, Akshata. The sight of a bookstore anywhere in the world would warm up the heart of a bibliophile for sure. Pleased to read your tale. Thank you for joining #FictionMonday. πŸ™‚

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