Take a chance #FictionMondays

Ritu clutched the coin tight in her fist, closed her eyes and weighed her options once more. Should she give it a chance?

Married at 22, a perfect romance out of a fairy tale, 2 kids in the next 5 years, a happy home and her passion for art that she nurtured, life was picture perfect. But life had other plans.

They drifted apart, he found solace in the arms of another. It was an amicable divorce and she had since then built a wall around herself, her sole purpose being bringing up her kids and painting.

Time moved on and they flew the nest, she was prepared for this day, of walking the rest of the road alone. Alone but not lonely.

And that’s when destiny did a somersault again. Entered Raj, a friendship of two like minded people that blossomed into love.

He wanted them to move in together and this is where Ritu was in a dilemma. Should she trust again? What if she gets wounded? How would her kids react? Should she just maintain a platonic relationship?

As she was about to toss the coin as ridiculous as it seemed, she opened her eyes and smiled. A smile of self assurance.

As important as it was to nurture one’s own self, its sometimes important to take a chance and listen you heart. A walk down the road alone is what she had always cherished but hand in hand it seemed sweeter.

Linking up with Vinitha who hosts Fiction Mondays, a wonderful initiative which has brought me back in the groove, read the other stories here

Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels.com

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