No kids please #WriteBravely

Ritu paced up and down the corridor, the question had come to haunt her again. As much as she tried to avoid it, it always came back with more vengeance forcing her to re think her decision.

It was Anita’s get together as she was moving to Paris and the house was full of old friends and their kids. Pia with her twins, Sheena with her toddler, Harshita with her naughty brats. Everyone’s eyes turned to her as usual when they realised it wasn’t a problem but a conscious decision to remain childfree. “How can you even say that Ritu. Nurturing is a woman’s inborn nature. How on earth can you not want to experience motherhood?”

Ritu was glad that her husband Naresh accepted her decision and stood by her. They were a Double Income No Kids couple who had high flying careers, they loved to travel and shared similar interests in books, music and wine. Life was busy and wholesome, they did not feel the need for a child. Ritu was not ready and she knew in heart she never would be. Bringing a human being into this world was a huge responsibility, one that was not limited to initial few years. Is it essential that every woman must feel these maternal pangs? She did not feel them at all. Her life was complete. Maybe a few years down the line, she may think differently but for something in the future which she wasn’t sure about now, would it be wise to bow to pressure and take a decision?

The last time she bowed to pressure by her parents, relatives and society and took the decision to tie the knot with Saurabh, someone she barely knew- this proved to be the worst decision of her life. She shuddered as she thought of the mental trauma she had to undergo until one day she decided she could take it no more and walked out of her marriage. Life had other plans for her and she met Naresh on a dating site, there was no looking back there after.

She had promised herself, she will only listen to her heart from now on and care a damn about people. Yes they would keep asking her about the “good news” but she wouldn’t succumb to the pressure to conceive. she refused to be bound by stereotypes.

Life was fantastic and she was happy nurturing the child within.

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’. I have used the word prompt “Nurture”.

12 thoughts on “No kids please #WriteBravely

  1. A very bold decision but wise one nonetheless. You shouldn’t do anything you are not prepared for. A woman might be physically born to procreate and nurture, but it doesn’t mean she should. I liked the last line – she was happy nurturing the child within.

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  2. Bravo to Ritu and many like her who decide to lead the life their way and not as per the confirmatory norms of the society.
    I love to read your stories for their protagonists always have a unique strength! More power to you, Akshata.

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  3. They say that the most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. So, one needs to be true to oneself and should not be bogged down by the judgmental views of others. Wonderful story, Akshata!

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  4. Lovely take on the prompt, Akshata! No one should conform to society for the sake of conforming. Coercion is no solution to anything, least of all becoming a mother! I’d rather she be her own person and nurture the child within, instead!

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