Not merely a dream #TellTaleThursday

I am humming a song as I ride my green colour bicycle – the weather is perfect! And there he comes, riding on a horse, my knight in shining armour. Tall, dark, handsome, kind, funny- he has it all.

I stop, he stops. We look at each other and sparks fly. He waves at me, he seems to be trying to say something but before I can comprehend, I wake up.

Not again, I don’t know when will I meet him and figure out what was he trying to say. This dream has been haunting me for the past 5 years now and I have started seeing it in the day too.

Except that, I can really see him now. Its not a dream anymore. Just that he’s not on a horse but in a cab and he’s asking me for a lift.

My heart swells with joy, he is the guy I saw in my dreams but before I do a happy dance, out come a little girl and a boy.

“Daddy we would love a ride on the bicycle” they yell in delight, as I look on, crestfallen now.

After dropping them off to the shopping mall, I head back, sad and wonder why do I see that dream after all.

“A good chap you have there lassie, the most eligible single Dad in town” says a passerby as I can now slowly put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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