A new dawn #FlashFiction #TellTaleThursday

Smriti rubbed her palms together as a cool breeze blew. Dried leaves lay around her feet. She picked up one as she thought about its life – autumn was the time everyone loved posing for pictures, the hues of orange, yellow, green and brown made for a splendid Instagram pic. Did anyone care about this little leaf who had breathed his last?

Just like no one really cared for her – all they saw was the glamor and glitz of a well paid job where she travelled the world, stayed at the best hotels, shopped and ate to her heart’s content. The perfect boyfriend, job, house, clothes, cars, she had it all.

Rohan and she were planning to tie the knot. The perfect wedding was being planned and boom.. just like this leaf, the blooming flower was reduced to a withered leaf. Rohan walked away, just like that. No explanations “I am not ready to take this big step” was all he had to say.

Her dream of a perfect home, hubby and kids would be a dream forever. At 35, would she really find love? A love that would last a lifetime?

Her life felt like autumn right now..

But as a thin ray of sun shone through the dark sky, a tiny ray of hope was born in her heart. Did she really need a man to experience the joys of motherhood? Was a perfect home not complete without a man? Maybe she may find him in due course, but that doesn’t mean she put her life on hold and wait for him. It was time to put to use her eggs that she had frozen 10 years ago.

With renewed vigour she got up and walked home.

Linking up with #TellTaleThursday, I thank the hosts and my dear blogger friends Priya and Anshu for the fantastic prompt.

15 thoughts on “A new dawn #FlashFiction #TellTaleThursday

  1. Not only a beautiful story, but also a very pertinent question raised, Akshata – does a woman really need a man to make her experience the joys of motherhood? No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t need to marry the first man available just so that she could be a mother.

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