Let it go #FlashFiction #WriteBravely

There I lay, forlorn awaiting for Sasha to come and get me.

The day I met Sasha for the first time will be etched in my mind forever as the best moment of my life. She was so excited, her sparkling blue eyes gleamed and her beautiful dimples stole my heart.

Our courtship began and there was no looking back. We were always together- sometimes in the garden or at the shops or simply at home. Our favourite hangout was the beach where she held me close as we played hide and seek with the waves.

I had never imagined, in my wildest dreams that she will fall for someone else. Someone much prettier, coming from an aristocratic family, hugely popular. One look and all the girls were drooling. ย Jimmy entered and she was done with me. All that mattered was Jimmy now.

Jimmy hated the beach and Sasha didn’t seem to mind.

I shed copious tears, praying, hoping for her to return but it was only a wish. My friends consoled me, it dint help. I made up my mind, I would go away, far away from here. I couldn’t stand being the jilted one.

One last time, I had to go to the beach and relive those wonderful memories. I ventured much closer today and was waiting for the water to swallow me. Good bye Sasha, I shall always love you. I do wish you can be happy with your Jimmy Choo but tell you what he can never be me.

Yours truly,


I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival of Words 2018



56 thoughts on “Let it go #FlashFiction #WriteBravely

  1. Hehehe ! This was too much. Didn’t even see it coming till i read Sneakers!!. A different way of narrating. Just loved it.
    On personal note iv switched to comfort rather than style for a few years now.

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    1. Yes I thought so but you are the first person who tells me this. Rest of them (all women) never noticed ๐Ÿ™‚ you must read my other one “No strings attached” which I posted yesterday and I bet you cant predict the end.

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