Goodbye #FFFAW #FlashFiction

I watch Jason from the window as he briskly walks down the steps. I look at the watch on my wrist- one of my most precious gifts which Jason had brought for me last Christmas from his bonus.

Seconds pass by. I wish I could turn time back- to the day we went out to that waterpark and played like crazy kids, our vacation to New York and curled up in bed with our favourite book.

The day I was feeling so low that I refused to come out of my room, he came to me with a cup of hot cocoa and danced like a joker- I held my stomach , tears of laughter in my eyes as we hugged.

Time waits for none. Its time for Jason to move out to University. My son is a big man.

He turns and waves me a kiss. I blow a kiss back and look forward to a new phase in life.

(164 words)

Linking up with  the adorable Pricless Joy who hosts FlashFiction for Aspiring writers.

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