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One thing that made my life wholesome was the bunch of few people whom I identified as friends and they meant the world to me.

I do not have many friends, in fact I always prefer being alone and I had 2 of my besties right under my roof- Mom and Dad. Hence I seldom felt the need to go looking outside for friends.

I had my first drink at home with Mom and Dad and though people may find that silly, for me that was comfort. Putting my legs on the table, enjoying a packet of chips as we indulged in one of our favourite movies, laughing and crying.

People say a girl and boy cannot just be friends because love comes in between. Thats what these silly Bollywood movies have been feeding us over the years. The truth is I made a really good friend from the opposite sex while in college. And that friendship stayed on. It was a purely platonic relationship and the beauty was we could talk for hours about anything and everything under the sun. Love never came in between and thats what kept our relationship strong.

He sometimes needed my POV when he had this tiff at home with his sister and I needed his view a when I had this argument with the Professor and had to sort out the matter.

I haven’t ever had  a 1000 friends just a handful of them and my Facebook profile too has very few people. I am not one of the so called popular people who are the heart of a party but I know these few people are the ones who are my 4am friends. I know those who genuinely care for me and will move mountains to see me happy. Being with them gives me a sense of being at home, where I can talk without any inhibitions, I can blabber and cry. Its not a comfort one finds easily.

(Image source- New York Times)

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My theme for the challenge is

“A slice of life through Myra’s eyes” – a fictional tale of growing up and learning some vital lessons about self love, feminism, sisterhood, a working woman and the essence of being a woman in urban India.  


32 thoughts on “Karmic Connection #AToZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Myra sounds like a delightful girl and glad to learn that she has found supportive people people she can open her heart to. Social butterflies may seem to have a glamorous life but they can be lonely if they don’t have anyone they are really close to.

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  2. I remember when I tried to be social and make 1000 friends and be friendly. It took too much power out of me and I thought I’m just not cut out for that. I have always been the small social group kind of guy. I tried to change and when I failed, that is when I became comfortable in my own self.

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    1. Same as me Arjun. I have always been comfortable with a few. When I joined the corporate world I was told I need to socialise more, even as a blogger I see some people go all overboard – I tried and realised its bot my cup of tea. I need to be happy and if there are consequences of not being the popular one, I am ok with that. Its way easier than doing something I dont like

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  3. I am exactly like Myra, I prefer quality over quantity in friendship. And I was a tomboy so all my life I had more friends from the opposite gender. They were all platonic and continue till now.


  4. That’s a nice insight into Myra’s life, Akshata! A handful of good friends are anyday better than hundred fairweather ones. I also have male friends, all platonic and still going strong for last 18 years.

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  5. I think most people tend to have only a handful of close friends. Of course, there might be a few extremely extroverted people who might genuinely have hundreds of friends. For me, personally, confiding in and maintaining friendships with more than 2 or 3 people gets extremely overwhelming and exhausting.

    Funnily though, I’m a completely different person in the virtual world (webspace).

    Lovely post.


  6. Although you may have a 1000 friends at the end of it; the few 3..4 friends and family are the ones who turn up when you need them the most. We cant really depend on virtual friends to turn up at beck and call at 4 am if you need one.

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  7. I am like Myra. I had my first drink with my dad, though we did it secretly, my mom was not part of the plan. And I have very few friends but close and dear ones. I like Myra a lot.

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  8. Only a handful stay by and those are the ones you count as friends. Myra is sure one to learn from 🙂 Glad she found the ones she can count on when needed. The first 2 paragraphs had me smiling 🙂 Quite important to find friends starting from home!

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  9. Its the quality of friends that matter and not quantity. We all crave for such 4 am friends and few lucky ones get them. The post made me nostalgic thinking about my friends and the mid night phone calls. 🙂

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